Empty the pasta into water…. iCondipresto will do the rest!

In next to no time you will taste a perfect dish. In just 8 minutes you will obtain your already-prepared condiment. Cook pasta into the sauce untill creamy. Add your favourite spices, a trickle of oil and it is a done deal.

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A restaurant in your own home!
Products fresh from the sea

Now it is possible to have a sea river restaurant in our own home thanks to these new specialities which are ready to prepare. Moreover, they originate from more than 50 years experience and tradition.

The accurate selection of the best raw materials with a tasty condiment makes this product unique, special and also easy to prepare, allowing you to reach an absolute success in the kitchen.

If you love good tastes from the sea, Condipresto products are the easiest way to prepare a delicious first dish of seafood.


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